The Tractor Beam Story

It all started in 1998 in a country corn field in rural Alberta.

The autumn air was frigid, as an evening fog blanketed the surrounding area. A harvest moon peeked from behind the clouds, when unexpectedly a bright light flooded the fields below.

It so happened that Jake and his buddy James were driving their pickup to the nearest small town for an order of take-out (chicken & waffles, of course). 

The bright light was shocking. They pulled over, peering into the sky as they stepped out of th…. 

Okay fine. None of this happened. But Jake and James were part of the origin story. 


Founded in October 2009, we started as a partnership marketing company focused on marketing training and design services.

The company became James’ solo entrepreneurship, working closely with design service agencies while providing marketing consulting, web design & branding services for businesses across Alberta, British Columbia and areas of the United States.

Co-Founder and owner James Rozak continues to operate a lean, creative business – focusing on brand strategy and design. 

Strong Brands Know How to Beam.

We can help you captivate your audience

A Few of the Companies In My Design Portfolio:

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